Vxceed Software Solutions

Vxceed was established in 2000 and has been actively delivering top-line Saas based solutions since 2004. Through Vxceed’s global direct sales channel the company has seen the user base grow to over 60,000 active users, across Airlines, Logistics Providers and Global CPG companies.

Vxceed - The Company

Our experienced team is dedicated to the delivery of exceptional customer experiences at every opportunity, through our cutting edge products and unrivalled thirst for innovation. We remain progressive and on trend, in order to ensure our customers differentiate themselves from their competitors while increasing their efficiency and cutting costs.

Vxceed’s operations and customer asset base span across several countries servicing verticals across consumer goods manufacturers, distributors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, airlines and logistics companies. Vxceed has followed the tested model of building products closer to the market and discerning customers so as to imbibe the best practices and current processes.

XnappSales - The Solution

Vxceed has been a thought leader in conceptualizing and delivering solutions in Demand Chain Execution space. The solution covers Sales influencing, Demand fulfilment and delivery optimization ensuring best in class Sales Management, Order taking, Direct Store Delivery, Merchandizing and Delivery functionalities using bio-inspired swarm optimization meta heuristic algorithms to provide fast and efficient supply.

Encompassing the space of Demand Chain Execution with solutions covering Sales force effectiveness, Secondary sales execution and delivery optimization, we have delivered using the latest and best of breed technologies which include mobility and cloud computing.


Vxceed Implementation Roadmap

01. Goal Setting

  • Formation of empowered stake holders.
  • Crafting the mission statement.
  • Scoping and resourcing.
  • Publish project schedule.


  • Eliminate non value adding activities
  • Enabling value adding activities
  • Remodel the process
  • Roll out


  • Create awarness & assurance amongst users.
  • Leadership messages.
  • Run "what is in it for me" campaigns.
  • Put in place "Objection handling mechanism".


  • Auditing existing data.
  • Data clean up.
  • Set up data governance.

05.Tool up

  • Blend the software solution.
  • IT Infrastructure.
  • Cock pit creation.
  • Training infrastructure.
  • Support infrastructure.

06. Change Management

  • Start small & increment of modules.
  • Monitor adoption through intervention.
  • Have zero tolerance for system show stoppers.
  • Encourage feedback.

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