Retail sales force automation in a Xnapp

Field Demand Generation with Offline Sales

XnappSales ensures that every part of the entire sales process is looked after, allowing you to manage and grow your sales. Now also for small and medium enterprises.

Key Features

In-store Management

Precisely understanding requirements for better decisions, productivity and profitability.

Intuitive Planning

Using past sales patterns and data to calculate and forcast future performance.

Promotions Management

Equipping the sales force with the right information to help your brand grow.

Positive Influence on sales representative

Empowering the sales force with confidence so they represent you better.

Room for plan B's

Ensuring that nothing comes in the way of your product and the shelf.

Ability to achieve the 6P goals

Synergizing the 6Ps to ensure your brand makes an impact.

XnappSales - For my sales.

XnappSales works out what your customers need, how much of it they need and when they need it, so the right pack of the right category can always be found on the shelf.

XnappSales ensures journey compliance by monitoring and tracking every step of the journey.

style switcher

style switcher

XnappSales - Smart & Effective Execution

XnappSales helps you execute and monitor complex promotions and campaigns while keeping a close watch on competitors and their movements.

Improved collection cycles for distributors and channel partners, coupled with improved credit handling means an upswing for your business’ cash flow increases.

Promotion targets

Tagging promotions to customers and collecting information about its effectiveness.

Promo information capture

Capturing judgemental feedback for promotions effectively.

Reduce claim cycles

Improve collection cycles with improved credit handling for better cash flow increases.

Improve credit handling

XnappSales ensures that claims are settled within a few days, reducing capital lock.

How can XnappSales grow your business?